House Painting with a System of Personalized Attention

Painting your house involves a lot of steps and a lot of attention to detail that only an experienced painting contractor like Northwest Quality Painting can provide.

Watch us paint this house, step by step, to see how we'll provide the highest quality job for your house!

The first step is to power wash the exterior
to remove any loose dirt and flaking paint
All windows and doors are covered, not just
masked/taped, and landscaping is draped
Any remaining paint which is loose, bubbled, flaking, cracked is removed by scraping
Seams and joints, loose and dried caulking receive detailed attention, hand scraping Sanding removes remaining loose
paint and smoothes the surface
Sanding also creates an ideal surface
to create a better bond for the new paint
Caulking seals cracks and joints
between boards, fills knots and nail holes
Details are given individual attention The preparation work actually takes
as much or more time than painting
Final color verification just before paint
is procured directly from manufacturers
Painters are trained to cover
the surface thoroughly and carefully
Spraying the initial coat for fast
coverage, saving you money
Expert painting contractors use
overspray guards to protect other surfaces
Overspray guards also protect grass,
landscaping and fixtures
An important step, backbrushing prevents
visible overlap caused by spraying
Backbrushing by hand also ensures
all cracks and gaps are securely sealed
The finished project is a beautiful, rich
appearance increasing the value of your
home and lasting for years to come!
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