Rust on metal discolors paint
and may weaken structures

Graffiti is unsightly and may
encourage gang or crime problems

Electrical contractor leaves a mess
after installing sign above drive thru
Weather-beaten decks and fences may
warp, splinter, or rot without protection

Water stains are obvious signs of leaks,
but could also indicate unsafe conditions

Pay Attention to the Signs: Your House or Building Will Tell You When You Need a Painting Contractor

Walk around your house or building. Take a close look. Do you see any problem areas similar to the pictures on this page? If so, you need a painting contractor to fix the problem, not just apply a coat of paint on top of it.

Many homeowners and property managers reason that if they can hold a brush and mix up a can of paint, they can save money by doing their own painting. But most projects have special needs which only a professional painting contractor like Northwest Quality Painting can handle.

When you hire Northwest Quality Painting, rest assured we will discuss your problem spots and show you how we'll fix them right the first time so they'll stay fixed for a long time. You can trust the painters at Northwest Quality Painting to complete your project using the best quality and longest-lasting solutions for your job.

Problem Spots Require Fixing, Not Just Painting Over

Some contractors may cut corners to save time or money for themselves. Other painters will simply paint over problem spots without fixing the underlying problems. Rust, mold & mildew, water stains – all will reappear through paint over time, if not treated properly first. The result is a job which doesn't last very long and may cause aesthetic issues or even structural problems later down the road; in short, a waste of time and money.

Some problems are obvious, as in these pictures. Other problems, though, may be lurking just underneath a single layer of paint. When you call on Northwest Quality painting, your home or building will get a thorough inspection before and after your painting project is complete.

Painting Commercial Buildings Requires Special Knowledge and Experience

Commercial structures, whether they are retail stores, office buildings, manufacturing, warehouses or something else, are each unique in design and materials. Sometimes exterior panels are made of wood or concrete or aluminum or steel. You need a painting contractor who understands the special treatments each of these materials requires. Take a look at the example images on the right. Each one of these problems was caused by another contractor who didn't do the job right.

When you hire Northwest Quality Painting, we'll discuss the building materials and maintenance history with you to be sure we understand all there is to know about your project before we provide a solution and a quote with a price. You'll know that you're getting the longest-lasting solution available.

Painting Your House is More Than Simply Applying a New Color

Your home has special needs, too. Different types of siding require different types of paint. Some materials are more absorbent, some paints may cause the grain to "raise". Some contractors don't pay attention to these special needs. For example, if the exterior of your home is finished with an oil-based stain, is it ok to apply a Latex-based paint on top of it? If you're not sure, be sure to contact Northwest Quality Painting!





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